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Light Adjustable Lens

The Light Adjustable Lens is a revolutionary intraocular lens technology that allows for customized vision correction after cataract surgery. The cataract surgeons at Takle Eye Group are proud to offer this innovative technology to allow patients the opportunity to personalize their vision.

What is the Light Adjustable Lens?

The Light Adjustable Lens, also called LAL, is a type of intraocular lens, or IOL, that can be used to replace your natural cataract-affected lens during cataract surgery. The Light Adjustable Lens has the unique ability to be adjusted after it is implanted in the eye using a specific type of light therapy, unlike conventional IOLs.

The Light Adjustable Lens is a monofocal, toric lens that can also help to correct astigmatism. The lens is made of a special material that changes its shape when exposed to UV light.

This means that your cataract surgeon can precisely adjust the lens power to provide you with the greatest visual results, allowing you the opportunity to completely customize and trial your new vision.

What Happens During Cataract Surgery With the Light Adjustable Lens?

Cataract surgery is the same with the Light Adjustable Lens as with any other IOL. The primary difference between the cataract surgery process with the Light Adjustable Lens and any other IOL is what happens after you have healed from cataract surgery.

Before cataract surgery, your cataract surgeon will apply anesthetic drops to the surface of your eye to make sure you are comfortable. Next, your cataract surgeon will make a small incision in the cornea to access the cloudy lens.

Your cataract surgeon will then remove the cloudy lens using ultrasound and insert the Light Adjustable Lens into the eye. Once in place, the procedure will be complete.

The tiny incision in your cornea will heal naturally during your recovery without the need for sutures. After cataract surgery, you will need to follow specific postoperative care instructions provided by your cataract surgeon, which usually include the use of medicated eye drops and avoiding certain activities such as heavy lifting and rubbing the eyes.

Once your eyes have healed from cataract surgery, you will return to your eye doctor’s office for a series of treatments with the light delivery device. During this process, you will get to trial and customize your vision.

It is important to note that not all patients are good candidates for the Light Adjustable Lens, and the decision to use this lens should be made in consultation with an experienced eye surgeon.

What Happens During Treatments with the Light Delivery Device?

Treatments with the Light Delivery Device will allow you to customize and trial your vision and are performed after your eyes have fully healed from cataract surgery. These treatments can begin as soon as sixteen days after your procedure.

You may need to return to your eye doctor for multiple treatment sessions with the Light Delivery Device in order to reach your desired vision. Before treatment with the Light Delivery Device, your eye doctor will instill dilation drops into your eyes.

Next, you will sit in front of the Light Delivery Device, which uses a UV light beam to change the shape of your new lens. The treatment session takes between sixty to ninety seconds per eye.

Your eye doctor may recommend that you bring any books, phone, or other tools you may use on a day-to-day basis to trial your new vision at each appointment with the light delivery device. After the treatment session, your eye doctor will test your vision, and you will get to go home.

At home, you are able to test drive your new vision to determine if you are satisfied with the clarity. If you need another treatment session with the Light Delivery Device to further fine-tune your vision, you will be able to return after at least three days.

Once you are happy with your vision, your eye doctor can lock it in. Treatments with the Light Delivery Device are painless, easy, and quick.

What Are the Advantages of Light Adjustable Lens?

Light Adjustable Lenses offer several advantages over traditional intraocular lenses. First, Light Adjustable Lenses allow for more precise refractive outcomes.

The power of the lens can be adjusted after cataract surgery to correct for any residual refractive errors, reducing the need for glasses or contact lenses. Light Adjustable Lenses can also be customized to your personal needs.

This customization takes into account factors such as corneal curvature, axial length, and pupil size, leading to better visual outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. In addition, adjustments to the LAL can be made non-invasively using the Light Delivery Device.

This means that you do not need to undergo additional surgery or procedures to adjust the power of the lens. Finally, studies have shown that patients who receive Light Adjustable Lenses have improved visual outcomes and a higher level of satisfaction with their post-surgery vision compared to patients who receive traditional intraocular lenses.

Is Light Adjustable Lens Right for You?

Who is a Candidate for a Light Adjustable Lens?

By choosing the Light Adjustable Lens, you are able to experience LASIK-like precision. Light Adjustable Lenses offer several advantages, including precise refractive outcomes, customization, non-invasiveness, reversibility, and improved patient outcomes.

To determine if you are a good candidate for the Light Adjustable Lens, you will need to schedule a cataract evaluation with your eye doctor at Takle Eye Group. At this evaluation, your eye doctor will examine your eyes and discuss your vision goals and budget to determine if the Light Adjustable Lens may be right for you.

Do you want to learn more about the Light Adjustable Lens? Schedule an appointment at Takle Eye Group today!

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