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Multifocal IOL’s

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Takle Eye Group have been in the forefront of vision correction for over 35 years now. We offer unmatched experience utilizing the best available technology in cataract surgery, including the latest in intraocular lenses (IOLs) that will work best for your vision correction needs.

Today’s procedures offer shorter recovery times, are virtually painless, and the improvement in your vision will be almost immediate. The types of lenses available today are so advanced that they are even attracting those individuals who don’t have cataracts, but want to decrease their dependence on glasses for all ranges, such as distance, intermediate and near. This can often eliminate the need for glasses and even bifocals. ReSTOR® – If you are over 50 and are looking for an intraocular lens implant (“IOL”) that offers you the range of vision you enjoyed when you were younger, ReSTOR by Alcon Labs offers you the answer. With cataract extraction (or clear lens exchange) and implantation of the ReSTOR IOL, your vision can be restored to see clearly without glasses.


The ReSTOR IOL replaces the natural lens of the eye. It has a patented optic design using apodization, diffraction and refraction technologies. The advanced optic design gives ReSTOR the ability to focus light correctly on the retina for images at various distances without mechanical movement of the lens. Apodization is a unique technology that optimally manages light energy delivered to the retina because it distributes the appropriate amount of light to near and distant focal points, regardless of the lighting situation. Apodized diffractive optics are designed to improve image quality while minimizing visual disturbances. The result is an increased range of quality vision (near, intermediate, and distance) that delivers a high level of freedom from glasses. ReSTOR IOL is used in adult patients with and without presbyopia (an age-related condition that generally happens between the ages of 40 and 50 that requires patients to wear reading glasses).

Shown in many clinical studies, ReSTOR is for patients who desire near, intermediate and distance vision with increased independence from glasses following cataract procedures. ReSTOR provides excellent near vision without compromising distance vision. Candidates for this new, multifocal IOL are individuals with cataracts, high myopia (nearsightedness) or high hyperopia (farsightedness.)

ReSTOR and Cataract Surgery

The ReSTOR IOL is used in conjunction with cataract surgery. Cataracts are patches that form in the eye’s crystalline (natural) lens, and are caused by changes in water and proteins that make the lens. Over time, cataracts cloud the lens and keep light from reaching the retina, creating impaired and blurred vision. The only treatment that removes cataracts is Cataract Surgery, which involves removing the natural lens of the eye and replacing it with an intraocular lens (IOL). ReSTOR is used to treat cataract patients with multiple visual deficiencies. ReSTOR will remain in the eye for life and will need no particular care. It will simply be a part of your eye.

Will I ever have to wear glasses again?

Possibly. Although cataract surgery with a premium lens is your best option to not have to wear glasses most of the time, it can not be guaranteed that glasses will never be needed again.

Will I need to move my head around and point it in order to see something, like I do with my glasses with progressive lenses?

No. The implant takes up a much smaller space than a pair of glasses and although it may take a little while for you to adjust to using it, your brain will automatically find the right spot by just moving the eye.

If I don’t have to wear glasses right after surgery, will that last forever?

Not necessarily. As we age, our eyes may change due to unforeseen ocular and some systemic diseases, as well.

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