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3 Tips When Buying New Glasses This Fall

Many people make yearly eye appointments for the fall. You may learn you need a new prescription to replace your current glasses, or you might want to update an old pair.

When you go to browse available frame styles, do you know what you’re looking for? It can be overwhelming to stare at the many options with no idea where to start.

Keep reading for 3 tips to follow when buying new glasses this fall to make the decision process a little bit easier!

1. Consider Your Face Shape

If you wear glasses, you know that they are an accessory that can accentuate your facial features. It would make sense then, that it’s helpful to understand your face shape when you’re trying to buy a new set of frames.

Face Shapes

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces have narrow chins with broad foreheads and high cheekbones. Oversize frames can make your face appear top-heavy as they make your forehead look wider than it is.

For the most visually appealing style, look for thin, rounded frames to bring some balance to your look. Rimless glasses can soften your features if you have a strong chin, brow, and cheekbones.

Oval-Shaped Faces

If your face is more of an oval shape, it’s longer more than it’s wide. These faces have narrower chins and foreheads with wider cheekbones.


Individuals with oval faces look great with any style of glasses, so you can experiment with what you want! Soften sharper bone structure with rounded frames. Lean into your angled cheekbones and jawbones with rectangular frames.

Diamond-Shaped Faces

Faces shaped like a diamond are the least common. You may have one if you have a narrow forehead and jaw with wider cheekbones.

You can play with fun shapes like cat eyes or thicker oval frames to emphasize your eyes and bring attention to your cheekbones. Don’t be afraid to go a little out there if you’re feeling daring, because diamond-shaped faces have plenty to work with to emphasize the eyes.

Square-Shaped Faces

Square faces are the same width and height. Your jaw and forehead are the same lengths as the distance from your temple to your jawbones.

You can create the illusion of having a longer face by wearing glasses that sit high on your nose. Round frames will complement your boxy features.

Some people with square faces love the way rimless and semi-rimless frames make their faces appear taller. Try to avoid anything that will make your face appear more square and short. Circular or oval frames may be a nice contrast to your stronger features.

Triangular-Shaped Faces

Triangular faces have narrow foreheads with wider jawbones. Wear wide glasses frames to even out your features and add width to your forehead.

Look for brightly colored pairs that match your personality. See-through hues bring in color without overwhelming your look.

Round-Shaped Faces

Round faces are circular, with softer cheeks and jawbones. You can add depth and define your facial features by wearing angular frames.

Round frames may overpower your delicate cheeks and jaw. Look for angular, wide frames that add the appearance of length.

Half-rim frames can also heighten your face and reduce the roundness. Anything with a stronger, more angular frame can help add much-needed depth to your face.

2. Assess Your Lifestyle

Your glasses shouldn’t be an inconvenience. They should fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle. There are many features and materials to customize your perfect pair.

Consider anti-glare coatings if you work on the computer or play online games. These lenses let in more light, preventing glare that can interrupt your screen time.

If you spend hours at a time on the computer, you may want to consider a pair of glasses that can block out blue light. When exposed to too much blue light, it can lead to poor sleep, as well as eye fatigue.

The wavelengths from cell phones and computers may confuse your circadian rhythm. Switching to glasses that can block out blue light may restore your natural sleep cycles and help you get better rest.

Having glasses that block out blue light also reduces glare and prevents damage to the retina.

Do you need prescription sunglasses? Consider choosing transition lenses that change from clear to darker so you can have one pair of glasses. When transitions change, they’ll protect your eyes from potentially damaging UV rays from the sun.

Working Out

Or, buy a pair of prescription sunglasses and have another pair of regular prescription glasses. This is a great option for people who enjoy having two looks, with one for indoors and another for outdoors. Two pairs are also necessary for individuals who are nearsighted and farsighted.

Active people may prefer thicker, stronger frame materials like plastic. These options can withstand frequent movement.

Wire frames are more delicate and can require careful handling to ensure you don’t bend them.

Try titanium alloys if you like the look of wire frames but are worried they are too fragile. Titanium alloy materials are flexible but return to shape after bending.

They may also be up to a quarter lighter than traditional stainless steel frames, making them more comfortable.

3. Think About Style

Woman Modeling

Do you want your glasses to stand out or fit in? People often choose interesting frame shapes, colors, and patterns to draw attention to their glasses.

You may want to have several pairs in varying designs to match your outfits. You can even add tints to your lenses like pink, brown, or blue to further customize unique pairs.

Not everyone wants to bring awareness to their glasses. Choosing neutral tones, pastels, and light-colored patterns are great options if you don’t like more prominent frame styles.

Remember, you’re more likely to wear your glasses if you’re comfortable with them. That means taking the time to select a pair you like and will reach for every time you need them.

If you need new glasses, don’t forget that you should always schedule an eye exam to have your prescription checked as well. Schedule an appointment at Takle Eye Group in Griffin, GA, today!

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