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LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery: 10 Tips In Your First Days After

Anyone who has undergone surgery, even minor surgery, knows that it takes time for the body to recover. This is no different with LASIK eye surgery recovery, as it’s a delicate procedure that requires you to have a solid recovery plan in place. In this post, you’ll learn about a few tips you can do in your first few days after your surgery to help speed up the healing process, and get back to your normal routine as soon as possible.

Why Are The First Few Days Critical to Recovery?

While LASIK eye surgery is commonly performed and a relatively quick, and painless surgery, it is still a major operation. The first few days after surgery are critical to the healing process, and as such, you should avoid putting too much strain on your eyes and instead focus on allowing them to rest. To help with this, here are some quick tips you can use in your first few days to ensure a successful recovery.

  • Take 2-4 Days to Truly Rest Your Body. The first tip is to truly rest your body in the first few days after surgery. This means avoiding strenuous activities that may strain your eyes such as reading, watching television, or using electronic devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones. The ideal resting place is in a dark room away from light.
  • Have a Friend or Two Help You Get Home & Stop By During the First Week. It’s important to have someone help you get home safely after surgery and stop by during the first few days to check on you. They can also assist with tasks that may strain your eyes, such as cooking or driving.
  • Have Pre-Prepped Meals Ready to Go. Imagine trying to prepare meals for yourself with blurry vision – it’s not safe to do so. If you can’t get a friend to come over and cook or help prep meals with you prior to your surgery, consider stocking up on microwavable meals, ready-to-eat salads, pre-order delivery meals, and purchase paper cups and plates so you don’t have dishes piling up.
  • Do Not Rub Your Eyes or Get Water/Soap In Them. It’s important to avoid rubbing or touching your eyes during the healing process, as this can disrupt the delicate healing process and lead to complications. You also want to avoid getting soap or water in your eyes, so opt to take baths instead of showers.
  • Use Prescribed Eye Drops as Instructed. You’ll be provided with prescription eye drops that help prevent infection by combating inflammation in the first few days after surgery. Make sure to frequently take these as often as instructed, so that you get the best possible results.
  • Avoid Bright Lights & Use Sunglasses Indoors. The first few days after LASIK eye surgery, your eyes may be more sensitive to light. To prevent further discomfort and irritation, avoid bright lights as much as possible and consider wearing sunglasses when indoors or outside.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Blink, A Lot! This may sound odd, but it’s important not to be afraid to blink during the first few days of recovery. Blinking helps keep your eyes lubricated, can lower discomfort and irritation, and can aid in the healing process.
  • Use A Lightweight Cold Compress for Relief. A lightweight cold compress can help with any discomfort or inflammation during the first few days of recovery. Just make sure it’s not too heavy and apply it to the eyes gently.
  • Download Audio Books & Podcasts to Help Pass the Time. While avoiding activities such as reading and watching television, you can pass the time by listening to audio books or podcasts during your rest period. Remember that LASIK recovery is different for everyone, and it’s important to listen to your body and follow all post-surgery instructions carefully.
  • Get Help For Your Furry Pets. If you have pets, it’s important to have someone help take care of them during the first few days after LASIK eye surgery. This may include walking them, feeding them, and playing with them as their movements can potentially strain your eyes.

In following the tips above and all post-surgery instructions, you’ll be on your way to a successful LASIK eye surgery recovery. If you’re considering LASIK eye surgery, and have questions or concerns about eligibility, the recovery process, or what to expect prior to the surgery, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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