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5 Signs Your Child May Need an Eye Exam

It’s back to school season, and that means children’s attention has turned from vacation mode to full focused learning. Many schools offer vision screenings for students. However, a 20/20 test result can lead to a false assumption to Parents and Educators that there is no vision problem. It is vital to know that the school screening is testing for distance and acuity. Below are five signs that your child may need a further examination by an eye specialist.

Frequent eye rubbing or blinking- If a child’s eyes are straining to see they may rub their eyes or squint a lot. Moving the child to the front many alleviate this problem, but it isn’t the solution. Rubbing and blinking can be an indicator they need a full screening.

Short attention span-If a child is losing attention regularly in the classroom, there may be a simple adjustment or treatment with Takle Eye Group. Their experience can determine if the root of the problem has a corrective vision solution.

Tilting the head to one side-This can be an indicator that the child is overcompensating for a sight issue. If you notice this becoming a routine habit, see your eye doctor. They can check for problems as a preventative measure to end this.

Losing place when reading. If this becomes a frequent problem, your child may need glasses. Talk to your child and see if they have a lot on their mind or if this is a struggle they feel often.

Difficulty remembering what he or she read-If your child reads a book, a phrase or even a sentence and can’t remember what it is about, you may be dealing with something with their vision. Asking your child simple questions about the reading can help you evaluate this.

There is no need for alarm when these issues arise. The team at Takle Eye Group can give a comprehensive evaluation and solution. They can work with your children to solve vision problems. The goal is to have a great school day, every day. It never hurts to have a routine check-up even if you are slightly concerned. You can walk away with peace of mind and a set of good-looking spectacles.


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