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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Cataracts

Cataracts Griffin GA

Cataracts are something we associate with failing vision brought on by old age. They form when the lens begins to get cloudy. This cloudiness is due to proteins in the retina clumping together over time.

Cataracts cause blurred vision, glare, and nearsightedness.  Many people think of cataracts as an inevitable hassle that we have to deal with when we get older.

But there’s a lot more that not everyone knows about cataracts and how they’re treated. Keep reading to learn 5 things you didn’t know about cataracts!

You Can’t Prevent Cataracts, But You Can Lower Your Risk

Almost half of adults over the age of seventy develop cataracts. Like the rest of the body, the eyes age. This makes cataracts extremely common! There’s no known way to prevent cataracts, as they are a natural part of aging.  

Studies show that a healthy lifestyle can reduce your risks of developing cataracts. This means eating well, exercising, and avoiding UV damage. There is no guarantee that you won’t get cataracts, but you can reduce your risks with these choices.

Cataracts Can Happen At Any Age

Cataracts are typically associated with elderly patients, but they can occur anytime. Cataracts don’t develop overnight. Instead, they may start developing when you’re as young as forty. Most patients don’t realize they have cataracts until their vision has begun diminishing.

If you have conditions like diabetes, you could develop cataracts earlier than forty. You’re also predisposed to cataracts if you’ve suffered from eye trauma.

Cataracts Aren’t Affected By Activities

Like most medical things, there are myths surrounding cataracts. One popular myth is that straining your eyes makes cataracts develop faster. This means tasks like sewing or reading, which need up close vision would be bad for your eyes.

Thankfully, this is a myth! A cataract forms in the lens, not because of the activities you complete. If you’re completing up-close tasks, your ability to see a contrast in low light gets impaired. This can make cataracts more noticeable to the naked eye.

Cataract Surgery Is One Of The Most Common Procedures

The only real way to treat cataracts is to have them removed through cataract surgery. Not everyone gets cataract surgery to treat their cataracts, but it is recommended. This is especially true for cataract patients who have difficulty completing everyday tasks.

Getting cataract surgery can restore and improve vision. During cataract surgery, the lens of the eye gets replaced with an IOL. An IOL or artificial intraocular lens does the job that the lens used to.

Cataract surgery may seem like a hassle, but it’s one of the most common procedures! It is safe and effective at restoring vision stolen by cataracts.

After Cataract Surgery, Cataracts Cannot “Grow Back”

Some people wary of cataract surgery may worry about their cataract growing back. This cannot happen because cataract surgery removes your natural lens. When the lens is then replaced with an IOL, a cataract can’t develop.

An IOL is not made from organic tissue, meaning it cannot become clouded. After cataract surgery, you can develop a “secondary cataract”.

This is also known as clouding around the IOL. If this happens, it’s treatable with a minor procedure that takes about 15 minutes.

Think it could be time for you or a loved one to take care of your cataracts? Schedule an appointment at Takle Eye Group today!

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