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6 Advantages of Choosing a Premium IOL

Did you recently find out you have cataracts? Has your ophthalmologist recommended that it’s time to consider cataract surgery?

One of the most important parts of the preparation before your procedure is choosing an IOL. But many people wonder if the extra cost associated with premium IOLs are worth it.

Keep reading to learn 6 advantages of choosing a premium IOL during cataract surgery!

1. You can reduce your dependence on glasses and contacts

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For many people, this reason alone is what convinces them that a premium IOL is the way to go. If you’ve worn glasses or contact lenses your entire life, choosing a premium IOL during cataract surgery can finally grant you visual freedom!

You may think that the only way to achieve this is if you have LASIK or a procedure similar to it, but that’s just not true! When you have a premium IOL like a multifocal lens or a trifocal lens implanted, you may be able to reduce or cut out using your glasses altogether!

2. You’ll have sharper vision after cataract surgery

When you have cataracts, it’s a lot like looking out a foggy or dirty window. Colors lose their vibrance, you may see things in double, you may experience painful glare and light sensitivity, and you may be unable to take part in things you once loved.

Getting cataract surgery gives you the ability to do these things again. But what people don’t often realize is with a premium IOL, you actually end up with sharper, more defined vision.

Think about how clear and crisp things look in HD and that’s a good idea of how things will look when you choose a premium IOL! That’s a drastic difference after you’ve lived with cataracts for years, if not decades, isn’t it?

3. Get ready to see clearly at all distances without limits

Premium IOLs have a distinct advantage over standard IOLs because they provide a vastly better vision experience. When you choose something like a multifocal lens, you’ll be able to see at all distances, including intermediate distances, far away, and up-close.

If you choose a standard, monofocal lens, they are only set to focus at one distance. One problem with these lenses is that they can only provide vision at that one set distance and you have to wear glasses to see at other distances.

But the other issue is that with monofocal lenses, you may not be able to see intermediate distances at all, even with your prescription glasses or reading glasses. It may be a blur that’s lost to you. Wouldn’t you rather see everything without constraints or limits?

4. A premium IOL can treat refractive errors like astigmatism

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If you want clear vision and you have astigmatism, a premium IOL is the smartest way to go. A monofocal lens won’t provide the level of correction you’ll need to be able to see clearly.

But premium IOLs come in specially designed toric models. With toric lenses, these are premium lenses that are specifically for patients with astigmatism.

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea curves and becomes misshapen. A normal cornea should be closer to the shape of a basketball, but with astigmatism, the cornea is more like the shape of a football. This causes vision problems like blurriness that only get worse with age.

5. Premium IOLs are much better suited to an active lifestyle

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Consider yourself to be pretty physically active? Whether you play golf, sail, or end up on the ski slopes in the winter, a premium IOL is a much better choice for those with an active lifestyle. These IOLs not only help you depend less on glasses, but they can also improve your game, on and off the court.

Imagine how much better you could be at your sport of choice if you could see everything with more clarity, sharpness, and vibrance than ever before! Premium IOLs can even help you see better in dim lighting, which can be helpful if you spend a lot of time on the road and don’t get home until late at night.

6. Premium IOLs can even treat presbyopia

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Have cataracts but wondering if there’s a way to get rid of your reading glasses as well? If you use reading glasses, it’s because of a condition called presbyopia.

Presbyopia is a natural part of the aging process that happens to everyone. When you get older, the lens of the eye becomes less flexible over time.

Due to losing the lens’s flexibility, it starts becoming harder to focus on objects that are right in front of you. You may start to hold things that you want to read right up in front of your face, like a newspaper, or your smartphone.

Most people start to wear reading glasses to make up for this, or they buy a large magnifying glass that they keep around their house. But there are some premium IOLs that can also address your presbyopia concerns as well as removing your cataract during cataract surgery.

It is important to note that because premium IOLs are not seen as a medical necessity, most insurance plans will not cover them. This can make them unattainable for some patients because they are more expensive.

If it is something that you can afford, it is definitely something that is worth the extra out of pocket cost! After all, consider how much money you’re saving by not needing to rely on glasses and contacts after cataract surgery!

Wondering if a premium IOL could be right for you during cataract surgery? Schedule a cataract screening at Takle Eye Group in Griffin, GA, today!

If you have the opportunity to achieve visual freedom after cataract surgery, why not take it?

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