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Do You Believe These Diabetic Retinopathy Myths?

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

Diabetic retinopathy is a blanket medical term diabetic vision problems. Diabetic retinopathy actually makes up a variety of conditions. These can affect both the eyes and the quality of vision.

As a result, there are plenty of incorrect myths floating around diabetic retinopathy. Get your facts straight by reading this list of myths you shouldn’t believe!

Myth #1: It’s not safe to stay active!

There is no reason why you should no longer be active if you have diabetic retinopathy. If you have other conditions that make it difficult to stay active, listen to your doctor.

If you have diabetes, staying physically active can help reduce your symptoms. If you are starting a new program, check with your doctor first if you are new to exercise. Get outside and move!

Myth #2: If I can see, I’m healthy

When it comes to diabetic retinopathy, knowledge is power! Visual acuity is important, but it doesn’t mean that you’re healthy.

Many conditions, like glaucoma or cataracts, have few noticeable symptoms. Cataracts take several years to develop and do not affect vision until they have ripened.

Glaucoma is often called the silent thief of sight because there are no symptoms to warn you. With glaucoma, there is no cure, so it’s key that you catch it early and start treating it.

Without treatment, glaucoma can cause blindness. Once that vision is gone, it’s never coming back.

If you have diabetic retinopathy, you are more likely to develop other eye conditions. Want to keep your vision in good shape? Make sure you have regular visits with your eye doctor at Takle Eye in Griffin, GA!

Myth #3: I’ll be fine. I have Type 2 diabetes

Patients with Type 2 diabetes suffer less microvascular complications than other diabetics. There are still plenty of risk factors that you should be aware of.

In fact, more Type 2 diabetics are at risk for suffering a total loss of vision. If you have Type 2 diabetes, you should have follow-up appointments with your eye doctor. They may recommend that you come in to see them more often to check your eyes and vision health.

Myth #4: Aspirin is dangerous for me!

Studies have shown that the use of aspirin does not worsen diabetic retinopathy. Each patient is different, so consult your doctor before you start an aspirin regimen.

Having diabetic retinopathy can be frustrating. This doesn’t mean you’re doomed! The best thing you can do for your diabetic retinopathy is to take care of yourself.

Diabetic patients only develop diabetic retinopathy when their blood sugar is too high. When blood sugar stays elevated, your eyesight and eyes suffer. If your eyesight seems off, it may be time to see your eye doctor.

If you stay active and in control, you may never develop diabetic retinopathy! Your eyes and your body will thank you. Diabetic retinopathy doesn’t have to be inevitable if you take care of yourself.

Have questions about diabetic retinopathy and how it could be affecting your vision? Schedule a screening with the doctors at Takle Eye Group in Griffin, GA!

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