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What to expect after Cataract Surgery

Cataracts usually progress slowly and cause a gradual loss of sight. Most cataracts are a regular part of the aging process.  The cataract blocks the passage of light through the eye. A cataract is merely the clouding, or discoloration, of the lens within your eyes. Takle Eye Group will be working closely together as a team to provide you with total eye care services.

This is an outpatient surgery that takes roughly about 10-15 minutes. Most patients have little side effects. If you have Cataract surgery, aftercare is crucial in a good outcome for the operation.

Tips for a successful aftercare:

Have someone to drive you home and get ample amounts of rest. Your body just had an adjustment and rest times will help the body heal and protect.

Most patients require no pain medication. For precautions, you are given similar medications as you would get if you were having a colonoscopy.

A protective eye shield should be worn over the operated eye at night for one week which may be uncomfortable at first but will become second nature.

Eye drops must be placed in the eye several times a day for a few weeks.

Signs, symptoms, and occurrences:

Your vision will take time to adjust to the new bright vision. After you remove the shield, it may seem cloudy, blurry or distorted which is entirely normal. Your eyes altered for the cataract, now they have to adjust to a healthy state.

Your eyes may be red and somewhat bloodshot. This side effect is temporary lasting only a few days. As healing takes place, the eye will return to its normal state.

You may occasionally have a bruised eye.  This is usually because of being on blood thinning drugs.  Our eyes have very soft tissue around them. Pressing hard or bumping them may cause bruising. Although unappealing, it is very typical and will heal in time.

You may have itchy, dry eyes. This symptom should go away in a short time.

You should be 100% within a month. The following day, you will need to return to the office so we can check your eyes. Aftercare visits will be scheduled one day, one week, and one month after your surgery. These are opportunities for you to discuss any issues you are having. We are supportive of you every step of the Cataract removal. Our experienced staff and team of Ophthalmologists will be your care team. Always know you can trust us with anything you feel is out of the ordinary scope of the procedure.

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