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5 Eye Care Tips While Traveling

Protecting your eyes is a full-time job, even when you’re on vacation or traveling for work. It can be challenging to remember to follow through to keep your eyes safe and healthy!

Keep reading for a few reminders to remember the next time you’re traveling!

Pack Extra Contacts

Don’t only bring enough contacts to last you the trip. Contacts can be easily lost, especially while traveling.

If you’re travelling to a foreign country, it can be even more frustrating. Bring at least 3 more pairs of contacts than you think you’ll need to be safe.

Also, don’t forget to bring plenty of contact solution and any other accessories you may need.

Remember Your Backup Glasses

If you wear contacts, it’s because you are trying to avoid wearing glasses. But it’s important to give your eyes a break from your contacts even if you’re traveling.

Having an extra backup source of vision in case something happens to your contacts doesn’t hurt. You should also bring a repair kit with you. Glasses are fragile, and traveling makes them more likely to accidentally get damaged.

Protect Your Eyes from the Sun

When we think of travelling, we usually think of bright sunny places. This, of course, isn’t always the case, but when it comes to your eyes, it actually doesn’t matter.

Even if you’re going to a place like the U.K. where it’s cloudy for most of the day, you should still wear sunglasses outside. You shouldn’t wear any sunglasses, though.

Make sure to only wear sunglasses that are 100% protected against UV rays. If they are not, they will actually cause more damage than not wearing them at all.

The dark tint to the lenses causes your pupils to reflexively enlarge to allow more light in. More light means more UV radiation, which in turn means more damage to your eyes. It’s best to couple your sunglasses with a wide brimmed hat to maximize protection.

Stay Hydrated and Nourished

Water is very important for your body, including your eyes. Having an abundant amount of water allows your eyes to stay moist throughout the day.

Carry a water bottle with you as you explore your location and refill it as soon as it becomes empty.

It’s also important to eat the right foods. This means plenty of vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin E, as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

Eating oily fish like salmon and tuna is a good idea, as well as carrots, sweet potato, citrus fruits, and nuts. These small precautions can save you from the symptoms of dry eye!

Be Proactive With Your Allergies

Don’t forget to bring some allergy medication with you, otherwise, you could spend your trip in misery. Antihistamines will stop your allergic response to itchy eyes. Over the counter eye drops can help keep your eyes hydrated and relieved.

Concerned about the state of your eyes before your next big trip? Schedule an appointment at Takle Eye in Griffin, GA today!

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