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More Than Plastic – How Oculofacial Surgery Improves Lives

Plastic surgery offers much more than cosmetic enhancement.

For patients who have dermal, skeletal, or muscular issues, functional plastic surgery can improve quality of life far beyond the ability of more traditional treatments. Oculofacial surgery is a specialized plastic surgery that addresses the areas critical to proper eye function and appearance. Facial bones surrounding the eyes, eyelids, and skin and muscles near the eyes can all be functionally, structurally, and cosmetically enhanced by an experienced oculofacial surgeon.

Oculofacial surgery is a specialized field, and there are only a small handful of fellowship training programs available for interested ophthalmologists. The procedures they become capable of after the one to two-year fellowship, however, are well worth the time and effort spent finding a suitable program. Why is training in oculofacial surgery so rewarding? It’s easy to take properly-functioning eyes and eyelids for granted, but the skin, muscles, and bones surrounding and aiding the eyes strike an extremely delicate balance. Life without this balance is difficult and frustrating, and oculofacial surgery can help patients regain control of basic eye functions.

Reconstructive oculofacial surgery helps patients with problems that can interfere with daily life.

Eyelid disorders, tear duct disorders, and orbital bone disorders can be addressed with reconstructive surgery. An experienced surgeon can treat issues such as ptosis (droopy eyelids), sagging (ectropion) or in-turning (entropion) of the lower eyelids, orbital and facial bone fractures, blocked tear ducts, excessive tearing, and tumors around the eyes and elsewhere on the face.

Nothing comes close to the experience of regaining vision with the help of an oculofacial surgeon, but the effects of cosmetic procedures are no less profound than those of functional ones. Excess skin or fat, wrinkles, frown lines, sun damage, facial deformities, eye bags and more can all negatively affect the quality of life for patients seeking cosmetic surgery. A skilled oculofacial surgeon can, often in short time and with minimally invasive procedures, treat problems like these as well.

There’s no question that oculofacial surgery can have a profound impact on a patient’s happiness. In some cases, eye problems that have plagued a patient for their entire life can be resolved with the procedures available in an oculofacial surgeon’s arsenal. The only question that remains is “where do I find an oculofacial surgeon that I can trust?” Griffin Eye Clinic is proud to have Leiv M. Takle Jr. MD providing oculofacial and reconstructive surgery for our patients.

For more information on oculofacial surgery, possible procedures, or to set up an appointment visit our online oculoplastics center . You’ll find educational resources, information about procedures, and a form to schedule your appointment online.

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