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Should You Reduce Your Screen Time?

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In today’s society, we are very dependent on our computers and phones. This is not necessarily a bad thing. You can do a lot on a computer.

But it does mean that you may need to adjust your habits somewhat. Too much screen time can be bad for you, and in particular, your vision. Keep reading to find out if you should reduce how much time you spend in front of screens!

Too much screen time makes it harder to focus on things at a distance

Excessive time using computers or smartphones can attack your eyesight in two ways. First, it can hurt your ability to focus on distant objects.

When you look at things directly in front of you, it makes small muscles in your eyes work harder. If they do too much focusing on objects at different distances, they can grow weaker.

It can cause dry eye or make it worse

Second, it can cause dry eye or exacerbate it if you already suffer from the disease. When using screens, we tend to forget to blink.

Blinking delivers essential nutrients to the eyes through your tears. This lubricates, hydrates, and refreshes the eyes.

If you aren’t producing enough tears, you could start suffering from symptoms of dry eye. This could include itchiness, redness, or a gritty feeling in your eyes.

Left untreated, dry eye can worsen. Severe dry eye can be a big problem, causing many painful symptoms. It is much easier to deal with dry eye early on or to prevent it when possible.

Be smart when looking at screens

It is unreasonable to expect someone to totally cut out screen time. In fact, it isn’t even necessary.

You can protect your eyes from computer vision syndrome and dry eye syndrome. All you have to do is follow one simple rule: the 20/20/20 rule.

The point of the 20/20/20 rule is to be an easy reminder for you to take frequent breaks. Here’s how it works.

Every 20 minutes, find something to focus on that is at least 20 feet away from you for at least 20 seconds. When you aren’t focused on your screen, you will begin to blink normally.

Focusing on something distant will stretch and strengthen the muscles in your eyes. Using 20-minute intervals will allow you to get work done, without being distracting.

Set a timer when you look at your phone

If you are having trouble remembering to follow the 20/20/20 rule, you may consider setting a timer on your phone. If you work in an office, set the timer on silent and place your phone with the screen facing up in your field of vision.

The visual cue should be enough to get you out of your work state so you can practice good eye health techniques.

Managing your screen time well isn’t the only thing you should do to keep your vision safe. Scheduling regular eye appointments is an absolute must. Schedule one at Takle Eye Group in Griffin, GA today!

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