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Why It’s Time To Give Contact Lenses A Chance If You’ve Never Worn Them

Contact lenses rest on the eye over the cornea. They can correct many vision issues and work well for people in their teenage years or older.

Some people may not like the idea of wearing contacts. They may be nervous about putting in contacts or unable to even see what the benefits of contacts are.

Keep reading to learn why it’s time to give contact lenses a chance if you’ve never worn them!


You’ve probably forgotten your glasses at home or left them somewhere before. This misstep requires retracing your steps and may make you late. Losing your glasses can cost hundreds of dollars to replace.

Contact lenses are convenient because you insert them at home. You’ll never have to worry about taking them off and leaving them somewhere.

Glasses can fog up if you’re sweating or it’s raining. It’s difficult to wear them with a face mask or scarf.

woman wearing glasses during rain storm

They cause condensation that interrupts your vision. Do you really have time to deal with that? You have better things to do!

But when you wear contact lenses, you don’t have these issues. Your eyelids are like windshield wipers that naturally clear contacts of precipitation.

They won’t leave streaks like wipes or cloths do when you try to clean your glasses lenses and fail. Many people are self-conscious about having glasses marks on their nose or ears.

Glasses can slide down the nose, which means you’re always readjusting them. They may even fall off your face if you didn’t have them properly fitted.

Do you have different prescriptions for each eye? You may be able to see the difference when you wear your glasses due to lens thicknesses or bifocals.

Contact lenses can be different strength prescriptions, but people looking at you will never know. The beauty of contacts is the choice you have. You can wear contact lenses one day and then you can wear glasses the next day.

You can don contacts to play sports or run in the rain. Then, take them out and wear glasses while working or reading at home. The choice is always yours to make!


Many people struggle to wear safety glasses or goggles over their prescription glasses. Some skip safety gear and rely on their prescription pair.

These glasses are not made to protect you from flying pieces of wood, metal, or sparks. You should not rely on them if you need on-the-job protection.

Contact lenses allow you to wear safety goggles or glasses easily. The frames of your glasses may disrupt your field of view, preventing you from seeing your surroundings.

They are also difficult to wear while looking in binoculars, a microscope, or using a camera viewfinder. Contact lenses move with your corneas.

They won’t disrupt your peripheral vision and ensure your pupil can focus everywhere you look. When it comes to safety, contact lenses make a lot of sense.

Easy Ordering

contact lenses

If you want contact lenses, you must have an eye exam to get a prescription. This check-up includes a contact fitting to find the perfect size and style.

Your eye doctor will insert the first pair of contacts for you while teaching you how to do it. They will have you spend some time at the office to adjust to the lenses and ensure they are the right fit.

Many eye doctors offer a variety of prescription-strength lenses on-site. You can also order what you need from an eye doctor for delivery.

If you like to travel, you can even have your new lenses delivered to your destination! How’s that for convenience?

If you wear contact lenses, you’ll need an annual eye exam. If your needs have changed, you’ll get a new contact prescription.


If you wear glasses, you may love them, but some people can’t stand how they look in them. Some people are self-conscious about how they look when they wear glasses.

Even if you don’t dislike how you look in glasses, you may not want people to know that your vision is less than 20/20.

Wearing glasses can often mean investing in several pairs of glasses that will go with different looks and moods. This kind of behavior can get expensive and fast!

woman holding eyeglasses and pack of contact lenses

What happens if your prescription changes? Now you have to buy all new pairs to replace the ones you had. That’s a lot of money!

Glasses can make people’s eyes look small or large. Plus, the glass creates a glare that can disrupt photographs, videos, or virtual meetings.

It is almost impossible for anyone to tell that you are wearing contacts. You’ll never have to change these lenses to fit your outfit.

It’s also easier to see eye makeup when you’re using contacts. Glasses frames can hide beautiful eyebrows, cheek contouring, and lashes.

If you like changing up your look, you can try out colored contacts. These varieties have pigments that change the outer appearance of your irises.

You could choose natural hues like blue or hazel. There are also more exotic options like cat-eyes or glow-in-the-dark lenses.

Older children and teens may experience increased self-confidence wearing contacts. If they don’t have to wear glasses, they may decide to take part in more social activities because they aren’t being held back by their glasses.


You will work with your eye doctor to choose the best type of contact lenses for your prescription. You will likely wear the lenses for 14 to 16 hours per day, so it’s important to find ones that best meet your needs.

woman using mirror to put contact lenses into her eyes

Most people consider soft lenses the most comfortable. These models have hydrogels that oxygenate your eyes. They are disposable after one day, week, or month of wear.

Rigid gas permeable lenses are made out of plastic and silicone. They are shatter-resistant and allow oxygen to reach the eye.

These models are durable and can last for years if you have a stable prescription. If you work overnight shifts, you may need extended or continuous wear contact lenses.

These options are made out of flexible plastic and can be worn for days or weeks without taking them out. If you work in the medical field or are a member of the military, you may want to consider these kinds of contacts.

They are a great option since you won’t have to worry about spending time putting in your contacts.

If you consider yourself more active and are someone that loves to work out, you may also want to think about extended wear contact lenses. You won’t have to worry about handling your lenses when you don’t have access to soap and a sink like if you’re camping.

Schedule an eye exam and contact fitting if you’ve considered getting contact lenses. You don’t have to buy lenses if you try them on and decide they’re not for you.

Wondering which contact lenses may be right for you? Schedule an appointment at Takle Eye Group in Griffin, GA to learn more today!

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