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What is No Stitch Cataract Surgery?

Are you thinking that it may be time to have cataract surgery? At Takle Eye Group, many of our patients who undergo cataract surgery have Dr. Takle’s no stitch, no injection, cataract surgery.

Keep reading to learn more about no stitch cataract surgery and to find out if it could be right for you!

What is No Stitch Cataract Surgery?

No stitch cataract surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. It entails removing a cataract, which forms due to a build-up of proteins in the natural lens of the eye.

Cataract Surgery Process

After removing the natural lens, it is then replaced with a clear, artificial one. The outpatient procedure, which is performed using a laser device, involves several steps. These include the following:


First, you’ll have an incision made in the eye using a laser. This is made possible by built-in OCT imaging. The OCT imaging produces a high-resolution, magnified image of your eye.


During phacoemulsification, high-speed ultrasound vibration breaks up the cataract into small fragments. These are then suctioned gently out of your eye.


Capsulotomy allows for the removal of the natural lens from the capsule of the eye. After this happens, a new lens is then inserted in its place. Your surgeon at Takle Eye Group will proceed to seal the incision without using stitches.

Benefits of No Stitch Cataract Surgery


This efficient procedure has several advantages over conventional surgery:

  • Unlike traditional techniques, the eye shape isn’t distorted at all
  • By utilizing the internal pressure of your eye to keep the incision tightly closed, there is no need for stitches
  • With their eye doctor’s go ahead, most patients can resume their normal activities a day after surgery
  • Patients can get their new eyewear prescription two weeks after the procedure

Other advantages of no stitch cataract surgery are:

Low-Risk Surgery That Can Correct Two issues at the Same Time

No stitch cataract surgery can remove a cataract while also correcting astigmatism at the same time. This is possible because the shape of the cornea can also be corrected.

The combination of cataract surgery and corrected astigmatism gives you the opportunity to see better than you have in a long time.

More Accurate Vision Correction

Research has shown that the procedure leads to more accurate vision repair once the patient has healed. After no stitch cataract surgery, you’ll be able to see clearly and without restrictions.

What it's Like to See With a Cataract

Less Cell Damage

There are very few, if any, endothelial cells damaged during surgery. This is an advantage because the cells preserve the clarity of your cornea, which helps with visual acuity.

Short Recovery Time

The procedure has a faster recovery time than techniques associated with traditional cataract surgery. Some patients report having improved vision immediately.

For others, they’ll experience optimal vision after about a week or two. And for many, prescription glasses are only required for reading.

Since the laser used in no stitch cataract surgery needs less energy to break up a cataract, some patients have reduced corneal swelling after the procedure. This leads to quicker vision restoration.

Precision Mapping

The laser cataract system enables 3D mapping of your eyes. Using a 3D map of your eyes allows for the most precise results possible.

Your surgeon can achieve extremely high levels of precise measurements. This is essential in every step of the procedure for accurate results.

After No Stitch Cataract Surgery

Before you can go home, your surgeon will give you instructions to follow. You’ll also schedule your first follow-up appointment, and learn what signs of complication to watch out for.

The nurses will ensure you’re comfortable and can eat and walk without difficulty. If you don’t have any complications like swelling, pain, or bleeding, you will be discharged from the Spalding Regional outpatient center a few hours after surgery.

You will need to protect your eyes for a few weeks after the procedure to allow for proper healing. Do not get water, hairspray, or other chemicals in your eyes.

Also, wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright light indoors and sunlight. As you heal, your eye may feel gritty or dry.

It’s not unusual to see halos around your field of vision. Your eye doctor might prescribe artificial tears for comfort. You may also be given pain medication as needed.

No stitch cataract surgery has greater precision and accuracy. It’s exceptionally safe and has extremely high success rates. But in case you experience deteriorating vision, pain, bleeding, or swelling after surgery, make sure to contact your doctor immediately.


Happy Couple

Healing after no stitch cataract surgery may take a few weeks. With that said, even as you continue to heal, you can have clear vision a few days after the procedure.

You may even be able to get behind the wheel and drive within the first week, but only if you’ve received the okay from your eye doctor first.

You’ll need to come back to see us the day after your procedure so your surgeon at Takle Eye Group can see how your eyes are starting to heal. After this appointment, you’ll need to come back for appointments that are one week and one month after your surgery.

During recovery, your vision will gradually stabilize. This will occur as the lens capsule adjusts to hold the new, artificial lens in place.

Due to slight vision changes after the procedure, walking steadily or driving can be a challenge. If you experience vision changes different from what the surgeon told you to expect, inform your doctor immediately.

It will take about three months to recover fully. You may still need your prescription glasses even after having cataract surgery. But most people don’t depend on their glasses as much thanks to their new IOL.

Top-Rated No Stitch Cataract Surgeon

Takle Eye Group offers the most advanced, safest technology available, including no stitch cataract surgery. The surgical expertise provided at the practice is complemented by our dedicated, caring doctors, and staff.

Our mission is to help you see as well as possible without risking your eye health.

Do you have cataracts and are considering no stitch cataract surgery? Schedule your cataract screening with Takle Eye Group in Griffin, GA today to find out if no stitch cataract surgery may be right for you!

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