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What Traits Do the Best Cataract Surgeons in Griffin Have?

Do you need cataract surgery? When cataracts begin to get in the way of your daily life, it’s time to consider surgery. 

Cataract surgery is the only way to remove a cataract and restore unclouded vision. Choosing to get cataract surgery is an important decision. 

Choosing a cataract surgeon to perform your procedure is just as important. That’s why you should research cataract surgeons and consider whether they are the right fit for you.

It’s no coincidence that all top cataract surgeons share several key characteristics. When a cataract surgeon possesses all these, you know they can offer the high standard of care that you deserve.

After all, why go to any surgeon when you could go to one of the best? Keep reading to find out what traits the best cataract surgeons in Griffin have!

1. They Have Extensive Experience

At Takle Eye Group, our cataract surgeons have been helping patients in Griffin, Georgia, to achieve their visual goals for more than thirty-five years. While our cataract surgeons have experience with a range of ocular conditions, Dr. Takle Jr. and Dr. Andrew Coggin specialize in cataract surgery.

When you’re considering cataract surgeons, experience is very important. Through their many years of successfully performing this procedure, they have become experts in cataract surgery.

2. They’re Highly Trained

We’re proud to say that four of our doctors have trained at the prestigious Emory Eye Center. This is known as one of the top education programs for ophthalmologists. 

During his residency, Dr. Takle Jr. garnered expertise in utilizing the latest technology to perform no-injection, no-stitch cataract surgery.

3. They’re Board Certified

What does it mean to be board certified? An ophthalmologist must apply for certification through the American Board of Ophthalmology. 

This is the only certification in the field of ophthalmology to be recognized by both the American Board of Medical Specialties and the American Medical Association. In order to be awarded a certification, a doctor must meet a series of rigorous training requirements. 

They must also complete an extensive evaluation process. Part of certification is pledging to carry out their practice with compassion, integrity, and respect.

Not every cataract surgeon you come across will be board certified, as this is an optional additional step. It demonstrates a surgeon’s dedication and high standards. 

At Takle Eye Group, both of our cataract surgeons are board certified.

4. They’re Up to Date on the Latest Advancements

There are always new developments in cataract surgery. At Takle Eye Group, our cataract surgeons keep up with the latest advancements so that you can have the best possible results. 

Regular lectures, meetings, and conventions are part of our routine. 

Belonging to various professional associations, such as the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, also ensures we are some of the first to know about new advancements. 

At Takle Eye Group, we stay updated with the newest techniques, products, and equipment in cataract surgery and the greater field of ophthalmology. With Takle Eye Group, you know you benefit from state-of-the-art procedures and technology.

5. They’re Accomplished

Sometimes an eye doctor’s accomplishments speak for themselves. Dr. Takle Jr. was recently named one of the “Best Cataract Surgeons in America.” 

Being named one of the “Best Cataract Surgeons in America” is no easy feat. In order to receive this distinction, a doctor must meet a set of criteria. 

This includes education, training, experience, patient feedback, and technology. This tells you just how skilled Dr. Takle Jr. is in cataract surgery.

5. They’re Trusted by Other Patients

When researching which surgeon to choose to remove your cataract, testimonials are a great way to learn what to expect. They offer a lot of insight into what your experience will be like if you select a particular practice. 

Cataract surgery is one of the most common eye procedures. So, pay special attention to reviews from patients who have had cataract surgery.

It can also be helpful to ask around your social circles to see who others recommend. Always make sure you take reviews with a grain of salt.

6. They’re Welcoming

At Takle Eye Group, we recognize that any surgery can make you feel a little nervous. While this is totally normal, our doctors care about your comfort and are there to put you at ease. 

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them. Our cataract surgeons are also happy to go over any parts of the procedure, from preparation to recovery, in as much detail as you like. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining a welcoming environment. This is present throughout our office. 

From the time you first schedule an appointment to the time you actually have your surgery, we want you to be comfortable.

Would you like to have your cataract removed by one of the best cataract surgeons in Griffin? Schedule an appointment at Takle Eye Group in Griffin, GA, today, to discuss whether cataract surgery is right for you! 

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