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What Traits Do the Best Cataract Surgeons in Griffin Have?

Do you need cataract surgery? When cataracts begin to get in the way of your daily life, it’s time to consider surgery.  Cataract surgery is the only way to remove a cataract and restore unclouded vision. Choosing to get cataract surgery is an important decision.  Choosing a cataract surgeon to perform your procedure is just […]

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Is There a Recommended Age for Using Contact Lenses?

Are you considering contacts for your child? It’s common to transition from glasses to contact lenses at some point in life, and many parents wonder when the time is right for their child to do so. Keep reading to find out if there is a recommended age for using contact lenses! Why Choose Contacts for […]

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When Cataracts Become Too Much

A cataract diagnosis does not necessarily mean you need cataract surgery right away. There are many people living with cataracts who only have mild symptoms or who have no symptoms at all.  However, there may come a point when a cataract interferes with your daily life. The only way to treat a cataract is to […]

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How Does Functional Eyelid Reconstruction Work?

Your eyelids are a vital part of your body that protect your eyes and keep them lubricated. However, a problem with your eyelids’ functionality can have a range of effects.  You can experience irritation, impaired vision, and more. Fortunately, there is a way to treat drooping eyelids, eyelid malpositioning, and abnormal growths on the eyelid.  […]

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Should I See My Eye Doctor if My Eyes are Dry?

Do you feel a burning, stinging, or scratchy sensation in your eyes? If so, you may be one of the millions of people with dry eye syndrome. When you have dry eye, it may seem like chronic discomfort is a part of your everyday life that you just have to accept. But you don’t have […]

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Who Is a Good Candidate for No Stitch Cataract Surgery?

Are cataracts clouding your everyday life? Do you struggle to do basic everyday tasks due to your blurry vision? If so, it may be time to consider cataract surgery. Eye doctors have been performing cataract surgery for years, but today’s technology has made it more effective than ever. With today’s advanced technology, you can say […]

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5 Signs Eyelid Surgery May Be Worth Thinking About

Our eyelids are responsible for protecting our eyes from dirt, dust, and other foreign objects. They keep our eyes moist by spreading a layer of tears every time we blink. Sometimes, however, your eyelids do not function as they should. You may also desire eyelid surgery to improve the cosmetic appearance of droopy eyelids. Keep […]

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What Is the Best Glaucoma Treatment Available?

Glaucoma is known as the silent thief of sight due to its ability to damage your vision without showing many apparent symptoms. Through routine eye exams, your eye doctor can diagnose and treat glaucoma before it can permanently damage your eyesight.  Keep reading to find out more about the best glaucoma treatment available! What Is […]

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When Should I Have My Next Routine Eye Exam?

When was the last time you had an eye exam? It can be easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, but it’s essential to make time to get your eyes checked regularly. You may find yourself wondering how often you should have an eye exam. Keep reading to find out why eye […]

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What are Tear Duct and Eye Socket Disorders?

You have probably heard about many conditions affecting the eye itself, but have you heard of tear duct and eye socket disorders? The eye can only work well if its supporting structures are functioning properly.  When one of these areas is affected, it can compromise your vision in various ways. Keep reading to learn more […]

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